AWS-Enabled SaaS Transforms Veteran Job Matching

Join Honorvet's innovative journey connecting veterans and civilians with groundbreaking opportunities for a brighter future.
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HonorVet Technologies operates in the talent acquisition and staffing industry, focusing on reducing underemployment within the veteran community. They leverage a blend of predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, and specialized methodologies to deliver recruitment solutions that prioritize hiring veterans. Their approach disrupts traditional talent acquisition by providing a high-touch expertise combined with advanced recruitment technologies.


HonorVet Technologies sought to bridge the gap between veterans seeking civilian employment and organizations in need of their unique skills. The primary challenge was developing a scalable, secure, and efficient platform to connect these two groups. Without addressing this need, veterans faced continued underemployment, and businesses missed out on a pool of highly skilled potential employees. The solution required robust data security, compliance with privacy laws, and a user-friendly interface to ensure both veterans and employers could easily navigate the system.

Data Migration Precision

Executing a meticulous migration of extensive user data while upholding data integrity was crucial to ensure a seamless transition and continuity within the new platform.

Tailored User Experience

Crafting intuitive interfaces for civilians, veterans, recruiters, and administrators posed design and functionality challenges, requiring distinct yet seamless experiences.

Intelligent Job Matching

Developing an algorithm for precise job matching required intricate technical solutions, optimizing placements through keywords, qualifications, and preferences.

Enhancing Honorvet's journey with advanced AWS technology

Elevating Honorvet's recruitment journey with cloud solutions, intuitive interfaces, intelligent algorithms, and seamless scalability, delivering exceptional user experiences and operational excellence.

Our Solution

Applify addressed this challenge by creating a SaaS software solution on AWS cloud, utilizing a suite of AWS services to ensure scalability, security, and high availability. The solution was architected around microservices, allowing for flexible, independent scaling of different application components.

Key AWS services included:

Serverless Architecture

Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda for serverless API management and execution, enabling efficient handling of business logic and data processing with cost-effective scaling.

Scalable Database

Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS for highly available, scalable relational database services, ensuring fast, reliable access to data.


AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling to manage load and automatically adjust resources, ensuring consistent performance.


Amazon S3 for secure, scalable object storage, used for storing documents and application assets.


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon Cognito for secure authentication and authorization of users, with specific focus on data encryption and secure data access.

Content Delivery &Security

Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF for content delivery and web application firewall protection, enhancing security and performance.

Achieving remarkable results for Honorvet's vision

The solution significantly enhanced HonorVet Technologies' ability to connect veterans with civilian job opportunities. Key outcomes included:
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50% reduced

time-to-hire for businesses using the platform, streamlining the recruitment process.
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30% reduced

IT operational costs through efficient cloud resource utilization and serverless architecture, lowering the overall cost of ownership.
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Scalability to support hundreds of enterprise tenants, proving the platform's capability to grow with expanding business needs.
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Data Security

Enhanced data security and compliance with privacy regulations, building trust among users and stakeholders.

Honorvet's innovative talent connection platform

Transformative power of Honorvet's cutting-edge application is connecting veterans and civilians with exciting employment opportunities.