Achive enhanced accountability through AWS CloudTrail

Empower your security with AWS CloudTrail. Monitor and safeguard AWS activities, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Enhanced Surveillance

Keep a vigilant watch over your AWS environment 24/7, ensuring no activity remains unnoticed.

Storage and Monitoring

Seamlessly store and monitor activity logs to gain profound insights into your AWS infrastructure.

Immutable and Encrypted Logs

Safeguard your data with immutable, encrypted logs, preserving the integrity of your audit trail.

Insights and Analytics

Harness CloudTrail's insights and analytics for astute decision-making and swift threat detection.

Multicloud and Multisource

Securely monitor activity across diverse clouds and sources, consolidating insights in one central location.

Multi-Region Visibility

Sustain visibility and control across AWS Regions, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and compliance.

Our CloudTrail service highlights

Discover the value of our comprehensive solutions, providing proof of compliance, heightened security, and centralized control for your AWS environment.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations with CloudTrail logs as a solid foundation for indisputable proof.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your security measures by recording all user actions and events, and establish automated workflows.

Centralized Monitoring

Efficiently capture user actions and API usage across multiple AWS Regions and accounts, achieving centralized control.

Taxcanary's App Transition to AWS

By leveraging AWS Lambda and complementary services, we created a scalable, secure, resource-efficient mobile solution.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

Honourvet, a recruitment app for civilians and veterans, seamlessly shifted to AWS Lambda architecture utilizing it's event-driven computing and auto-scaling.

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Achieve efficiency through AWS automation in
cloud application development

We bring you higher efficiency in building cloud applications through our specialized AWS automation expertise.

AWS CodeBuild

We simplify and accelerate your app build phase.

AWS CodeDeploy

We ensure smooth transitions from dev to production.

AWS CodePipeline

We create automated workflows for release cycle.