Simplify operations with AWS System Manager

Leverage AWS Systems Manager's robust services to simplify operations, improve security, and optimize performance seamlessly.

Unified Management

Centralize control, gain real-time insights, and enhance resource visibility across your AWS environment.

Efficient Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve resource provisioning and configuration at scale.

Enhanced Security

Strengthen security posture with secure access controls, compliance policies, and vulnerability management.

Reliable Patching

Ensure system health and compliance by efficiently managing patches and updates across instances.

Simplifed Cofiguration

Store and manage application configurations and parameters for consistent deployments and updates.

Seamless Monitoring

Gain deep insights into system performance and operational health with comprehensive monitoring tools.

Our AWS System Manager service highlights

Experience streamlined operations, precise application management, efficient change control, and optimized node management through our comprehensive services.

Operational Insights

Utilize Explorer, OpsCenter, and Incident Manager for real-time visibility and efficient incident resolution.

App Optimization

Maximize application efficiency with Application Manager, AppConfig, and Parameter Store for dynamic configurations.

Manage Control

Enforce change control using Automation, Change Manager, and Maintenance Windows for controlled and reliable updates.

Node Management

Effectively manage nodes through Fleet Manager, Session Manager, and Patch Manager for streamlined operations.

Taxcanary's App Transition to AWS

By leveraging AWS Lambda and complementary services, we created a scalable, secure, resource-efficient mobile solution.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

Honourvet, a recruitment app for civilians and veterans, seamlessly shifted to AWS Lambda architecture utilizing it's event-driven computing and auto-scaling.

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Achieve efficiency through AWS automation in
cloud application development

We bring you higher efficiency in building cloud applications through our specialized AWS automation expertise.

AWS CodeBuild

We simplify and accelerate your app build phase.

AWS CodeDeploy

We ensure smooth transitions from dev to production.

AWS CodePipeline

We create automated workflows for release cycle.