Why choose AWS for cloud mobile app development?

When it comes to cloud application development, AWS isn't just another option; it's a front-runner defined by its impressive statistics.

Accelerate Your Launch

Harness the power of AWS for swift product delivery and unparalleled user experiences, ensuring no delays.

Standard Excellence

Benefit from AWS's cross-availability zone replication and advanced security isolation, upholding impeccable standards.

Optimized Cost

AWS's serverless offerings bring a billing approach based on usage, preventing overspending on resources.

Scale Anytime

With AWS Lambda processing trillions of functions monthly, we ensure seamless scalability for any demand.

Unleash AI and ML

AWS's integrated AI and ML services empower your apps with cutting-edge intelligence, enhancing user engagement.

Global Reach at Low Latency

Leverage AWS's extensive global infrastructure for low-latency access, serving users around the world efficiently.

Our cloud application development services

Navigating the boundless possibilities of the cloud requires expertise, precision, and a touch of innovation. At CloudX, we specialize in harnessing the robust capabilities of AWS to craft state-of-the-art cloud applications tailored to your unique business needs.

Serverless Infrastructure

Say goodbye to the complexities of server management. We leverage AWS to run your applications without the need to provision or manage servers, resulting in reduced complexity and increased efficiency.

Cloud Native Databases

We build and optimize databases for the cloud environment, ensuring they provide scalability, resilience, and high performance that perfectly align with the demands of your modern mobile applications.

AWS Lambda Microservices

By utilizing AWS Lambda, we transform applications into smaller, independent functions that execute specific processes. This promotes enhanced scalability, streamlines maintenance, and ensures swift deployments.

Our AWS expertise in cloud
application development

We specialize in utilizing AWS tools to enhance cloud application development.

AWS CodeBuild

We automate your build processes, ensuring that code is consistently tested.

AWS CodeDeploy

We manage and automate your deployments, ensuring efficiency.

AWS CodePipeline

We establish an automated solution for faster and consistent deliveries.

Our cloud application development process

We believe in a structured and strategic approach, employing the best AWS tools to deliver a cloud application that exceed expectations.

Create app backend

Using AWS, we establish access via IAM, choose databases like RDS/DynamoDB, and handle user authentication with Cognito. We set up APIs with API Gateway or AppSync, integrate serverless functions using Lambda, and ensure data security with S3. With CodeBuild and CodeDeploy, we ensure smooth deployment, monitoring with CloudWatch, and prioritize security with WAF and VPC.

Build UI and frontend integration

We offer a visual UI construction with reduced coding, allowing clients to customize pre-built React components. Our unique process includes converting Figma designs into React code and seamlessly connecting UI elements with cloud backend data. Prior to production, we provide testing and preview capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient UI development journey.

App store launch

Using AWS, we integrate your app frontend with the backend by leveraging CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. This way, our team streamlines your app deployment, prepping it for submission on the Google and App Stores. Our approach ensures a seamless transition from development to app store launch, with real-time updates as needed.
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TaxCanary Mobile App's AWS Transition

We enabled TaxCanary's smooth transition to AWS, enhancing global tax insights for 190+ countries via their cloud mobile app. Through AWS's robust services, we designed a secure, responsive, and efficient mobile experience, signifying a pivotal stride in TaxCanary's digital evolution.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

We facilitated Honorvet's effortless shift to AWS for their multi-platform recruitment mobile app, serving civilians and ex-military veterans. Our AWS-supported solution integrated intricate job-matching algorithms and personalized interfaces, guaranteeing scalability, responsiveness, and an elevated user experience.

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Our expertise with mobile app technologies
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Who should opt for CloudX?

Businesses seeking AWS excellence and impactful outcomes turn to CloudX for tailored solutions and transformative growth.
Complex projects: Organizations tackling intricate project demands find invaluable guidance in CloudX's profound expertise, optimizing outcomes.
Agile transformation: Businesses embracing agile methodologies to navigate ever-evolving markets leverage CloudX's dynamic approach for sustained growth.
AWS proficiency: Companies looking for comprehensive AWS expertise in application development choose CloudX, unlocking limitless potential within the AWS ecosystem.
Tangible outcomes: When tangible, quantifiable impacts are non-negotiable, CloudX steps in to deliver measurable, transformational results.