Why use AWS for cloud based web app?

At CloudX we are redefining cloud capabilities with AWS which stands out in the cloud application landscape, not merely as a choice, but as a leader fueled by its stellar track record.

Adaptive Scalability

No more guesswork. AWS adjusts according to your application's traffic, ensuring seamless performance even during unexpected demand spikes.

Save Cost on Operations

AWS's consumption-based pricing model means you invest only in what you use. Say goodbye to overwhelming fixed costs and opt for efficient spending.

Fortified Security Layers

With AWS, rest assured your data is safeguarded. From encrypted transmissions to full identity checks, AWS prioritizes your application's security at every turn.

Effortless Server Management

Using AWS Lambda, developers can direct their focus on codeing, while AWS handles all the backend intricacies. No server fuss; just pure coding.

Uptime You Can Trust

Benefit from AWS's robust infrastructure design that promises high uptime, with data redundancies to protect against unforeseen events.

Easy Database Managment

Dive into services like Amazon Aurora or Amazon Redshift, which take the administrative load off, making database management a breeze.

Our cloud web development services

We excel in navigating the intricate world of cloud technologies, primarily leveraging AWS's vast suite of tools to design and build bespoke cloud applications.

Serverless infrastructure

We architect applications that effortlessly sidestep traditional server issues, offering you a harmonious blend of user-friendly interfaces and peak performance.

Cloud native databases

Discover the power of cloud-native databases on AWS like Amazon RDS, DynamoDB and Aurora to experience exceptional performance and scalability.

AWS Lambda microservices

We use AWS Lambda to segment apps into flexible, independent modules. This ensures quicker deployments, easier upkeep, and enhanced scalability.

Our AWS expertise in cloud
web application development

We're adept at leveraging AWS's powerful tools to refine cloud web application
development making it more streamlined and efficient.

AWS CodeBuild

We simplify and automate your web app's build phase.

AWS CodeDeploy

We handle your web app's deployment seamlessly.

AWS CodePipeline

We create automated workflows for release cycle.

Our cloud web application development process

Our process starts with understanding your needs, designing intuitive interfaces, backend integration, and ensuring robust deployments.

Backend Development

We build a robust backend for your web app across a variety of framework and technologies. With AWS, our team sets secure IAM access, utilizes top databases like RDS/DynamoDB, and ensures swift user authentication via Cognito. We integrate API Gateway, harness Lambda's power, safeguard data with S3, and emphasize unwavering security.

Frontend Development

We prioritize your vision. You envision the design, and our team crafts a visual UI that's both stunning and user-friendly. With minimal coding, we customize pre-designed React components to mirror your ideas. Every element is seamlessly connected to the cloud for an enhanced user experience.

Host a Web App

In our frontend UI process, we enable easy hosting for static and server-side web apps. Clients can link their Git source code or upload files directly. After confirming build settings, we simplify backend and frontend deployment. Our approach also includes continuous deployment for static websites, updating sites automatically with each code commit.
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Taxcanary's App Transition to AWS

Collaborating closely with TaxCanary, we successfully executed a seamless transition to AWS, optimizing the delivery of global tax insights across 190+ countries through their cloud web application.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

We aided Honorvet's recruitment web application migration to AWS, boosting user experience with job-matching algorithms and personalized interfaces for civilians and veterans.

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Our tech expertise with web development frameworks
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Who should opt for CloudX?

Businesses seeking AWS excellence and impactful outcomes turn to CloudX for tailored solutions and transformative growth.
Complex Projects: Organizations tackling intricate project demands find invaluable guidance in CloudX's profound expertise, optimizing outcomes.
Agile Transformation: Businesses embracing agile methodologies to navigate ever-evolving markets leverage CloudX's dynamic approach for sustained growth.
AWS Proficiency: Companies hungry for comprehensive AWS expertise in application development choose CloudX, unlocking limitless potential within the AWS ecosystem.
Tangible Outcomes: When tangible, quantifiable impacts are non-negotiable, CloudX steps in to deliver measurable, transformational results.