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Unlock the potential of AWS with our comprehensive cloud migration services. Effortlessly migrate, optimize performance, and enhance scalability while minimizing disruptions.
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Why choose AWS for cloud migration?

Experience the game-changing potential of  migration to AWS (Amazon Web Server).
Elevate performance, scalability, efficiency and much more.


By leveraging AWS's extensive range of services, you can expedite innovation cycles, experiment with new ideas, and bring products to market faster.


Benefit from AWS's industry-leading reliability and security features, ensuring your applications and data remain available and protected.


AWS WAF enhances protection by guarding your web applications against cyber threats, bolstering the overall security of your hosted resources.

Scale Operations

AWS provides elastic scalability, enabling you to effortlessly adjust your resources according to demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

Cost Savings

With a pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the resources you use. This leads to significant cost savings compared to traditional on-premise setups.

Global Reach

AWS boasts a vast network of data centers across the globe, allowing you to serve your customers with low-latency, high-performance solutions worldwide.

Our cloud migation services spectrum

At CloudX, we understand that the dynamic landscape of modern businesses demands a seamless and efficient management of data and resources.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Whether you're looking to transition between different cloud service providers or simply aiming to optimize your cloud strategy, our Cloud to Cloud Migration service ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Minimize downtime, reduce complexities, and ensure uninterrupted business operations with CloudX.

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Our On-Premise to Cloud Migration service empowers your organization to transition from traditional setups to the agility and accessibility of cloud technology. Unlock new opportunities for collaboration, cost-efficiency, and innovation, all while benefiting from our expert guidance and support.

Data Migration to Cloud

Seamlessly bridge the gap between your cloud and on-premise data environments with CloudX's specialized Data Migration service. Whether you're aiming to unify your data sources, enhance data analytics capabilities, or create a hybrid infra for your product or service we've got you covered.

Expertise that drives transformation

Empower your business with seamless migration and diverse skills for impeccable digital evolution.

Monolithic to serverless

Transition to agile serverless architectures for scalable, flexible, cost-efficient systems with microservices principles.

Precision Technology migration

Seamlessly embrace Node.js or Ruby on Rails or Python , ensuring disruption-free migration prioritizing data integrity.

Legacy system migration

Revitalize outdated systems, shift from ASP.NET or PHP tech stack to safeguard data and functionalities.

Our Process

Explore CloudX's 3-phase migration: Assess, Mobilize, Migrate & Modernize. Efficient, transformative journey to the cloud.

Assess Phase: Illuminate Your Path

We delve into your infrastructure, apps, conducting thorough assessment. This is where our experts identify requirements, dependencies, and potential challenges.

Mobilize Phase: Charting the Course

Crafting a custom migration strategy using assessment insights, we provide a detailed roadmap, tools, and technologies for success, while ensuring minimal disruptions through collaborative planning.

Migrate and Modernize Phase

We execute the plan with precision, migrating your data, apps or both seamlessly to the new cloud. Beyond that, we optimize, fine-tune, enhance performance, and lay groundwork for future modernization.
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TaxCanary Mobile App's AWS Transition

For TaxCanary's mobile app, we facilitated a seamless migration to AWS, streamlining global tax insights for 190+ countries. Leveraging AWS's potent services, we crafted a responsive, secure, and efficient mobile experience, marking a transformative step in TaxCanary's digital journey.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

Honourvet's multi-platform recruitment app, tailored for civilians and ex-military veterans, underwent a seamless migration to AWS. With intricate job-matching algorithms and user-specific interfaces, our AWS-backed solution ensure scalability, responsiveness, and a refined user experience.

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Who Should Opt for CloudX?

Businesses seeking AWS excellence and impactful outcomes turn to CloudX for tailored solutions and transformative growth.
Complex projects: Organizations tackling intricate project demands find invaluable guidance in CloudX's profound expertise, optimizing outcomes.
Agile transformation: Businesses embracing agile methodologies to navigate ever-evolving markets leverage CloudX's dynamic approach for sustained growth.
AWS proficiency: Companies looking for comprehensive AWS expertise in cloud migration choose CloudX, unlocking limitless potential within the AWS ecosystem.
Tangible outcomes: When tangible, quantifiable impacts are non-negotiable, CloudX steps in to deliver measurable, transformational results.