Maximize Savings

Slash your infrastructure expenses by 20% with our expert solutions. Make the smart choice for your business today.

Accelerate Time to Market

Boost your pace with a 43% reduction in time to market. Get ahead, stay innovative, and lead the curve.

Productivity Peaks High

Boost your operations with a striking 66% rise in administrator productivity. Elevate efficiency, achieve more.

Paiverse's transition from GoDaddy to cloud application

Revolutionized NFTs with PAIverse's migration to AWS, achieving 40% system efficiency boost.

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Driving transformation for TaxCanary with AWS cloud migration

Empowering TaxCanary's evolution through AWS migration, redefining tax insights and user experience.

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Our services

We leverage AWS capabilities to design, deploy, and manage resilient cloud infrastructures, adhering closely to its best practices.

Cloud Migration

Transition all your digital asssets, workloads and services to the cloud to leverage the scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency offered by AWS.

Design and Build SaaS

We offer comprehensive SaaS design and development services, leveraging the power of AWS to build your application infrastructure.

DevOps and Automation

Simplify infrastructure, automate releases, monitor performance and integrate security to streamline provisioning, deployment & CI/CD.

AWS Well-Architected Review

We start by assembling the right stakeholders, gathering designs, and addressing key high risk issues, ensuring a foundational approach to optimal cloud performance. Our customized recommendations, powered by AWS Lenses, result in detailed workload review reports, including comparisons, improvement summaries, risk categorization, and optional strategic approaches.

Comprehensive Architectural Reviews
Tailored Recommendations with AWS Lenses
Transparent and Impactful Outcomes

Clients consistently love and
appreciate our work.

From our first contact with Applify, their communication has been excellent. They have been professional, courteous, and willing to work with us to get to our goals. Our working relationship has always been maintained with a positive attitude and friendly work environment. Would highly recommend!

Jordan Pollard

"Working with Applify has been a tremendous experience. They have taken my baby app and made it become a reality. They added value and they have given me suggestions on how to improve my problem."

Solomon Adesioye
Senior Engineer

The strategies they had come with were unique and efficient. In the initial stage, I had many doubts but Applify cleared them all. They also gave suggestions on how my idea could become better. Not only this, their project managers were always there to respond to my queries

Paul Ang

We engaged Applify to develop a video-based platform for us. To date, we are extremely happy with the attention, care, and dedication of the entire Applify team. Their design work is cutting edge and our App is looking great!

Kym Halpin
Venture Lead

Beyond AWS, explore
our digital excellence

Discover the limitless possibilities beyond AWS as you explore
our digital excellence, driving innovation and success in your business.

UI/UX Design

We blend creativity and user-centric strategies while creating designs to elevate your platform's experience and ensure every click resonates with precision and intent.

App & Web Developers

Our experts craft versatile software for web, mobile, and wearables. Prioritizing seamless integration and unparalleled functionality, we excel across all platforms.

Product & Data Analytics

Beyond mere data collection, we offer in-depth product and data analytics, converting raw figures into actionable insights. Elevate your decision-making with us.

CloudX - Bridging Visions with Cloud Innovations

CloudX is at the forefront of cloud technology, dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative, scalable, and secure cloud solutions. Dive into our journey, ethos, and commitment to driving digital transformation.