What makes Amazon Opensearch a good choice?

Take your analytics to the next level with Amazon OpenSearch. This powerful platform offers a wide range of robust capabilities, making data exploration and analysis a breeze.

Seamless Deployment

Effortlessly set up and configure OpenSearch, with in-place upgrades and comprehensive event monitoring, backed by multi-language support and open-source tool integration.

Efficient Storage Tiering

Leverage UltraWarm and Cold storage solutions for effective optimization of data storage and access for varying performance needs.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Collect and process data from diverse sources, offering search APIs for streamlined frontend development and enabling searches across multiple attributes.

Enhanced Security Analytics

Empower security operations teams with rapid threat detection and cost-effective investigations, ensuring data security and mitigating potential risks.

Real-Time Insights

Gain immediate access to valuable real-time data insights, facilitating informed decision-making and empower proactive response strategies.

Scalable Performance

Enjoy scalable performance capabilities that adapt to your data volume and analytical requirements, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Our Amazon OpenSearch service highlights

As your trusted partner, we empower your analytics journey with OpenSearch's robust data exploration and security features. Elevate your performance and insights today.

Setup & Beyond

Seamlessly set up, configure, and monitor OpenSearch while enjoying in-place upgrades and multi-language support, integrated with open-source tools.

Optimal Data Storage

Achieve data storage optimization with UltraWarm for high-performance needs and Cold storage for cost-efficient archiving.

Unified Data Search

Source data from various platforms, providing search APIs for frontend development, enabling comprehensive attribute-based searches across a wide spectrum.

Enhanced Threat Detection

Bolster security operations with swift threat identification and investigations, ensuring data safety and minimizing security risks.

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