AWS SaaS discovery program for startups

Our SaaS Discovery Program is designed to guide your journey from discovery to adoption, ensuring that your product is future-proof.
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Who benefits from our SaaS discovery program?

For businesses ready to launch or expand their SaaS offerings, our program delivers essential strategic guidance and implements industry-leading practices, creating a secure, scalable foundation for sustainable growth.


Build a New SaaS Solution

If you're at the initial stages of building a SaaS product, we provide you with the architectural designs, cost analysis, and development roadmaps crucial for a strong start.

Transition into a SaaS Framework

Our program supports businesses aiming to scale up by re-engineer your application for optimal cloud performance, enhancing scalability and reliability.

Modernize and Optimize Infrastructure

If the goal is to modernize for efficiency and cost savings, our program pinpoint all the opportunities for resilience, scalability, and alignment with best cloud practices.

Enhance Your DevOps Pipeline

For teams ready to accelerate deployment cycles, we introduce automation, CI/CD practices, and infrastructure as code (IaC) to improve efficiency and team collaboration.

Build secure, multi-tenant SaaS

For SaaS providers aiming to offer secure, multi-tenant environments to their customers, our program emphasizes implementation of best practices in security and tenant isolation.

Our process

With a comprehensive approach that covers every stage of the SaaS lifecycle,
we ensure that startups launch successfully and thrive.

SaaS Discovery

We help you understand your business use case with SaaS, and provide practical guidance and support to build and launch your SaaS solutions.

Design & Development

Our AWS-certified experts design a robust, scalable, and secure architecture for your SaaS application, focusing on performance and cost.

DevOps Automation

Automate your CI/CD pipelines and implement Infrastructure as a Code to increase software release frequency & setup error-free cloud environments.

Well-Architected Review

We review your cloud architecture for AWS Well-Architected Framework to identify potential issues and provide recommendations for improvement.

What you get

Our SaaS discovery program equips you with comprehensive insights, and
strategies tailored to launch your project with precision and confidence.

AWS Architecture Design

Receive an AWS architecture design tailored to your SaaS project including a detailed explanation of each AWS service selected for your solution.

AWS Cost Analysis

Gain insights into your financial investment with a total cost of ownership analysis for a 12-month timeline to help you plan your budget.

Design & Dev Roadmap

We lay out a clear, phased roadmap for the design and development of your SaaS solution outlining each step of the process.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Get a detailed overview of the entire project scope, objectives, deliverables and timelines, ensuring alignment on project goals and expectations.

High-Level Architectural Diagram

Visualize the AWS infrastructure tailored to your SaaS project, designed for scalability, security, and performance.

AWS Cost Estimate

Utilizing the AWS Pricing Calculator, receive an accurate forecast of your SaaS solution's operational costs, helping you plan your budget effectively.

Design and Implementation Phases Outline

A clear breakdown of your project's development journey, detailing each phase from conceptualization to launch.

Cost and Timeline Estimates

Comprehensive insights into the financial and temporal aspects of the design and development phases, enabling you to set realistic expectations and milestones.


We offer comprehensive DevOps services including continuous integration, delivery pipelines, robust containerization, and orchestration, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.


We leverage AWS's advanced capabilities in AI and ML technologies, empowering your SaaS applications with intelligent features and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

We follow AWS best practices for optimal results

TaxCanary: AWS SaaS Transformation Success

We transformed TaxCanary's app, seamlessly migrating with AWS SaaS design and build services, optimizing global tax insights and marking a significant digital milestone.

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Honorvet's Digital Leap with AWS SaaS

Leveraging our AWS SaaS design and build services, web helped Honorvet to build a user-friendly, fast, and efficient solution, transforming the digital experience of their users.

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Their team's expertise in cloud architecture and agile development accelerated our product launch . A true partner in every sense.
Senior Project Manager
Tech Startup
We couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. Their guidance in AWS cost optimization saved us significant expenses.
Chief Technical Officer
Financial Services Platform
Applify's expertise in DevOps automation and scalable infrastructure was crucial to our success. Highly recommend!!!
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