Why AWS WAF is a protective shield for applications?

Safeguard your applications with AWS WAF's advanced security features, ensuring robust protection against malicious activities.

Managed Rules

Implement managed rules seamlessly and efficiently, freeing up time for focused application development

Bot Management

Efficiently detect and control common and pervasive bots, enhancing overall application security.

Granular Control

Enjoy enhanced web traffic visibility by finely tuning metrics emission according to your requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor application traffic in real-time, identifying and responding to threats promptly.

Custom Rules

Tailor security rules to match application needs, bolstering protection against evolving threats.

Cost Effective Security

Benefit from cost-effective security solutions without compromising on the effectiveness of application protection.

Our AWS WAF service highlights

Explore AWS WAF's standout features that empower you to fortify your application security effectively.

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your apps from fraudulent activities with AWS WAF's robust security measures, ensuring trust and integrity.

Bot Detection

Identify, block, or limit the impact of common and pervasive bots, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Traffic Insights

Enhance visibility into web traffic patterns by finely tuning metric emissions as per your needs.

Taxcanary's App Transition to AWS

By leveraging AWS Lambda and complementary services, we created a scalable, secure, resource-efficient mobile solution.

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AWS Optimized Recruitment App

Honourvet, a recruitment app for civilians and veterans, seamlessly shifted to AWS Lambda architecture utilizing it's event-driven computing and auto-scaling.

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Achieve efficiency through AWS automation in
cloud application development

We bring you higher efficiency in building cloud applications through our specialized AWS automation expertise.

AWS CodeBuild

We simplify and accelerate your app build phase.

AWS CodeDeploy

We ensure smooth transitions from dev to production.

AWS CodePipeline

We create automated workflows for release cycle.