Nextillo's Journey to Scalable Growth with AWS and DevOps

Nextillo, with Applify's help, revolutionized its app using AWS CloudFormation and CI/CD for automated, scalable deployments, cutting costs by 30% and boosting reliability in new regions.
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Nextillo is a leader in online medical education, offering a comprehensive learning app for aspiring medical students. With expert guidance, extensive practice resources, and advanced technology integration, Nextillo is a premier platform dedicated to accessible and effective exam preparation.

Technical Challenges Encountered by Nextillo

In the pursuit of aggressive growth and global expansion, Nextillo confronted various technical challenges that demanded precise solutions to uphold a smooth and resilient user experience.

Lambda Scaling

The initial reliance on AWS Lambda for the MVP created manual deployment bottlenecks. As the user base surged, the manual deployment processes proved limiting, hindering the scalability required for future growth.

Geographical Expansion

The imperative to extend services to new regions encountered challenges with the existing manual deployment processes. Adapting these processes for efficient and error-free scaling became a technical hurdle.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risks associated with potential downtime and slower time-to-market, the challenge was to guarantee a consistent high-quality user experience across diverse geographies, crucial for Nextillo's standing as a leading online medical education app.

AWS tech stack driving DevOps Excellence for Nextillo

Nextillo thrives on a robust tech stack, featuring AWS Cloud, Docker containers, Jenkins automation, and Git for unparalleled DevOps prowess and innovation.

Applify's DevOps Solutions for Nextillo

Applify strategically addressed Nextillo's intricate challenges through advanced DevOps solutions. The primary focus was on automating deployment processes and ensuring a robust, scalable infrastructure across diverse regions.

CI/CD Automation

Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild, streamlining integration and deployment processes. This automation accelerates feature releases, ensuring high-quality code deployment to production upon successful testing.

Cloud Automation

Leveraged AWS CloudFormation for comprehensive automation of environment setup. This facilitated efficient expansion into new regions, maintaining uniformity in infrastructure deployment through predefined templates, ensuring repeatable and error-free processes.

Technical Assistance

Provided continuous technical support during migration and post-implementation phases. Applify's technical expertise ensured a smooth transition to automated systems with minimal operational disruption. Ongoing support and optimization services maintained infrastructure efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Achieving Exceptional Performance by Optimizing Cloud Architecture

To support Nextillo's growth and build a strong foundation for the future, we utilized AWS cloud services and advanced DevOps practices.
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Deployment Time

CI/CD Implementation in hours, Not Weeks.
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Scalable Operational

Post-Migration, enhanced medical education delivery.
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30% Cost Reduction, eliminated Manual Processes.
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Enhanced Scalability

Quick & reliable tech environments for global consistency.

Nextillo's Success with AWS DevOps Implementation

Nextillo's adept AWS DevOps integration, including CI/CD and CloudFormation, showcases technical precision, laying a resilient foundation for scalable operations.