DevOps journey of Oryxhub
to 60% cost reduction

OryxHub enhanced service delivery with Applify's DevOps, using AWS CodePipeline for CI/CD and ephemeral environments. This cut build times to under 10 minutes, enabled weekly releases, and reduced costs by 60%, eliminating dev-related issues and boosting efficiency.
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OryxHub is a versatile mobile application that serves as a bridge connecting users with a wide range of highly-rated local services. No matter the location or requirement, be it plumbers, electricians, beauticians, dog walkers, or babysitters, OryxHub facilitates a seamless and efficient connection. Users can effortlessly complete tasks through a few simple taps, enjoy the convenience of electronic and secure payments, and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on the services rendered.

Enhancing Development Efficiency at OryxHub

OryxHub faced significant hurdles in meeting business demands for rapid feature development and delivery. The existing waterfall development process, with quality and security checks delayed until the final stage, resulted in costly fixes and preventable production issues.

Security Checks

Inefficiencies in quality and security checks. The waterfall model's practice of conducting quality and security checks only at the final stage caused costly issue resolutions and slowed down feature release cycles.

Deployment Deadline Risks

Some changes were deployed despite known risks, leading to a high incidence of preventable production issues. This compromised the overall efficiency of the development and delivery process.

Slow Response to Market Demands

The inefficiency in the development process, coupled with late quality checks, hindered OryxHub's ability to swiftly respond to market demands, impacting their competitive edge.

AWS tech stack driving DevOps Excellence for OneFitness

OneFitness thrives on a robust tech stack, featuring AWS Cloud, Docker containers, Jenkins automation, and Git for unparalleled DevOps prowess and innovation.

Optimizing Development with Tailored Solution

Applify addressed OryxHub's challenges through a customized approach, focusing on enhancing their CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability.

Cloud Automation

Utilized CloudFormation templates to automate the deployment of the entire pipeline, ensuring consistency and rapid provisioning across any AWS account.

CodePipeline Integration

Established a robust CI/CD pipeline within their AWS account using AWS CodePipeline. Integrated comprehensive testing  and security checks at every stage.

Parallel Test

Deployed parallel test executions against ephemeral environments on AWS, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the testing process.

Transformative Impact of
Implemented Solutions

The implementation of tailored solutions by Applify brought forth significant improvements, showcasing the transformative impact on OryxHub's development and delivery processes.
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Zero Issues

Early testing eliminates issues.
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Weekly Releases

Accelerated release cycles.
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Developer Efficiency

Productivity boost for developers.
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Efficiency Gains

Reduced build times, lower costs.

A journey of shaping OryxHub's technical  Solutions

The meticulous integration of advanced solutions by Applify not only resolved OryxHub's challenges but propelled them into a continuous cycle of enhancement.