Paiverse's transition from
GoDaddy to cloud application

Explore Paiverse's smooth shift from GoDaddy to a cloud app, unlocking agility, scalability, and innovation in the process.
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Our client, Paladin, envisioned revolutionizing the field of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by facilitating the ownership of asset-backed, fully verified NFTs. In response to this need, we developed PAIverse - a cutting-edge platform that amalgamates blockchain technology with rigorous verification processes on AWS Cloud.

Challenges faced during cloud migration for PAIverse

Mastering the cloud demands expertise, precision, and innovation. At CloudX, we excel in leveraging AWS for tailored, resilient cloud apps—addressing PAIverse's migration challenges.

GoDaddy to Cloud

Shifting PAIverse from GoDaddy to cloud brought unique challenges, requiring a comprehensive rearchitecture beyond migration due to prior vendor setup.

Adapting Traffic Management

The shift involved rethinking and refining load balancing and traffic management to achieve peak cloud performance, effectively optimizing the platform's capabilities.

Cloud Service Integration

During the GoDaddy transition, our team encountered the challenge of seamlessly integrating cloud-native services and migrating to Amazon RDS database.

Paiverse's migration empowered by AWS

CloudX helped Paiverse to harness the power of AWS technologies to seamlessly navigate its journey to cloud,
unlocking new horizons along the way.

Our solution

We strategized PAIVerse's successful migration for seamless transition, enhanced performance, and future scalability in the cloud.

Comprehensive Architecture

We suggested a Monolithic Approach on AWS for Paiverse's heavy-duty demands, ensuring seamless updates, integrated environment, and enhanced operational efficiency.

REST API Deployment

We implemented REST APIs for seamless communication, enabling scalability and reliable performance, enhancing PAIverse as a dependable NFT platform.

Scalable EC2 Deployment

We utilized Amazon EC2 for scalable compute capacity, while load balancers optimized performance, ensuring secure, responsive operations.

Efficient S3 Utilization

We chose Amazon S3 for storage, ensuring scalability, security, and performance, seamlessly accommodating diverse use cases like websites and analytics.

Dynamic Frontend Development

Angular and ReactJS powered PAIverse's dynamic front end. Angular's MVC streamlined development; ReactJS's virtual DOM optimized performance.

Optimized Caching Mechanisms

We implemented advanced caching mechanisms to optimize data retrieval and reduce database load. This strategy significantly improved response times.

Cutting-edge features for advanced analytics

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40% Performance Boost

After migration, 40% system efficiency boost was achieved with Elastic Load Balancing and optimized Amazon CloudWatch.
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50% Scalability Increase

PAIverse scaled 50% better, leveraging cloud dynamics for responsive adjustments to user traffic changes in its new environment.
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30% Functional Boost

Seamless new service integration boosted system functionality by 30%. SNS, EC2, VPC set stage for dynamic Paiverse app expansion.
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60% Security Upgrade

Amazon S3 with strict security protocols, rose the security scores soared 60% enabling robust encryption, IAM data protection .

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