Tax Canary, an AWS-Powered SaaS Platform for Global Tax Compliance

We leveraged AWS  to empower TaxCanary's tax foresight, delivering scalability, security, and seamless user experience.
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Tax Canary is a digital firm providing tax information for over 190 countries and territories, making it easier for businesses and individuals to understand the tax implications of international operations. Their platform offers dynamic, easy-to-use tools designed to deliver meticulously researched tax insights, facilitating global business with confidence.


Tax Canary aimed to build a SaaS platform that generates tailored tax insights for businesses and individuals, addressing the complex challenge of navigating tax laws across different jurisdictions. The primary challenge was ensuring data accuracy, security, and ease of use in delivering real-time tax information. Failure to address these needs could result in compliance risks and missed opportunities for users.

Integrating Intricate Tax Data

Curating and aligning tax data from a multitude of countries and territories required meticulous data harmonization efforts to ensure accuracy and usability within the application.

Navigating Dynamic Tax Regulations

The ever-changing landscape of global tax regulations necessitated continuous monitoring and adaptation to guarantee accurate insights, compliance,  regardless of shifting rules.

Security and Scalability Demands

Balancing the need for stringent security measures with the flexibility to accommodate user growth demanded strategic architecture design and implementation.

Technologies paving the path for TaxCanary App evolution

TaxCanary's overhaul used advanced AWS services for a strong, efficient and secure system. This tech blend ensured seamless global tax data processing and user experience.

Our solution for TaxCanary

Applify developed a comprehensive SaaS solution leveraging AWS technologies to meet Tax Canary's needs. The solution utilized AWS Lambda for serverless computing, ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency. Amazon RDS and Aurora provided reliable, scalable database services, while Amazon S3 offered secure storage for vast tax data. AWS API Gateway facilitated secure, efficient API management, connecting users with the data they need. Amazon CloudFront ensured fast content delivery, and AWS WAF and IAM provided robust security measures. Post-launch, Applify continued to offer support and optimization services to ensure the platform's reliability and security.

Strategic Cloud Implementation

Strategically optimized TaxCanary's digital infrastructure using AWS services: AutoScaling Load Balancing, RDS and more ensuring scalability and performance excellence.

Global Tax Insights

Empowered global entrepreneurs with web and mobile apps, that offers comprehensive tax isnights for 190+ countries  interface, enabling users to make informed decisions.

Admin Panel Innovation

Developed a versatile admin panel for TaxCanary to curate country-specific tax data combinations, enhancing user experience by tailoring search results to unique requirements.

Serverless API Framework

Employed a serverless architecture, integrating API Gateway, Lambda functions, SQS, and RDS Aurora, efficiently managing REST API business logic, ensuring flexible and scalable operations.

Efficient Data Storage

Leveraged S3 extensively to manage and store essential files, including images and videos, ensuring seamless functionality while optimizing storage and retrieval processes.

Resilient App Deployment

Implemented resilient deployment of Angular-based web apps on EC2 instances, supported by Load Balancing & AutoScaling, guaranteeing consistent performance during traffic spikes.

Remarkable performance milestones achieved through cloud transformation

The SaaS platform transformed how Tax Canary's users access tax information, offering real-time insights across a vast range of jurisdictions. The platform achieved a significant reduction in research time for users, enhanced data accuracy, and improved compliance with international tax laws. The use of AWS services enabled Tax Canary to scale efficiently, handle increasing user loads without compromising performance, and significantly reduce operational costs, contributing to the platform's overall success and user satisfaction.
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Optimized Costs

Implemeted cost effective yet scalable infra for max efficiency.
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Enhanced Performance

Serverless architecture cut API response time by 40%.
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Scalability Success

Autoscaling handled 300% user surge, <200ms response.
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Strengthened Security

Within a month of launch AWS security helped reduce vulnerabilities by 90%

TaxCanary's Remarkable Transformation with AWS Solutions

Our AWS solution revolutionized TaxCanary's performance. Witness seamless scalability, enhanced security, and cost efficiency. Elevate your business today.