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Who is this program for?

This program drives AWS global growth by encouraging early cloud adoption.

IT Companies

Optimize IT operations and gain a competitive edge with ARP. Reduce DevOps costs, boost profits, and enhance customer service with AWS's efficient cloud solutions.

Independent Software Vendors

The ARP program aids ISVs in upgrading tech and market stance, cutting costs, boosting revenue through AWS, and enhancing customer service.


ARP empowers Freelancers to increase earnings via efficient AWS cloud solutions, enhancing services and revenue without extra workload.

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A win-win collaboration for everyone!

Let's empower growth and unlock potential, together.

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By collaborating strategically, AWS broadens its influence and advances innovation, cementing its position as a pioneer in a cloud-driven business era.
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Applify rewards each partner-led AWS launch, fueling growth and merging innovative cloud solutions with the trending market demands.
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Partners enhance their business growth and market stance by leveraging AWS's cloud solutions and earning launch incentives from Applify.

Eligibility Criteria

Participation in this program is open to IT & ITES Companies, ISVs, Individual freelancers, provided that their customers and projects align with the established eligibility requirements of this initiative.

Customer Type

The program welcomes a spectrum of customers, particularly those in the early stages of AWS adoption, ranging from Small and Midsize Businesses, Startups, Digital Native Businesses, and Independent Software Vendors, to large-scale Enterprises.

Project Type

To qualify, projects must launch on AWS Cloud with an anticipated annual service spend more than $5,000, reflecting a commitment to AWS's cloud offerings. This ensures a wide array of projects, from moderate to large-scale, can leverage the program's benefits.

How it works?

Elevate your business by joining Applify's Reward Program and receive end-to-end support towards building successful softwares on AWS.

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Enrol as a Partner

Begin a rewarding partnership by enrolling as our Partner. Forge a connection with your dedicated Partner Manager at Applify, who will guide you through a comprehensive registration process. Our streamlined protocol ensures you're well-positioned to leverage our resources and expertise from day one.

Identify and Initiate Opportunities

Discover the potential within your portfolio and select projects ripe for deployment on AWS. Submit your carefully crafted deals for our review, and anticipate the eligibility confirmation to arrive within 30 days.

Comprehensive End-to-End Support

Benefit from the dedicated assistance of our AWS certified Solution Architects, who offer you unwavering end-to-end support. Their expertise is at your disposal, helping you navigate the complexities of deploying your customer projects on AWS with finesse and strategic insight.

Earn Valuable Rewards

As a testament to your successful project launches on AWS, receive substantial cash incentives as a part of our rewards program. Following the approval of your projects, expect prompt and assured incentives within 45 days of quarter closing, a token of our appreciation for your commitment and excellence.

Frequently asked questions

Delve into the Applify's Reward Program with these expertly curated FAQs, designed to give you a complete overview and prepare you for a successful partnership.
Is the provision of detailed credentials necessary for participation?
Detailed credentials are NOT required. We only request the basic information necessary to align your customers with the program.
Does the program facilitate customer management on our behalf?
The program is not designed for direct customer management; its focus is encouraging you to use AWS Cloud as your prefered platform and rewarding you for each successful launch. However, you can avail support from our in-house AWS experts to enhance your customer experience.
What incentives are offered by the program?
You'll receive cash rewards based on the eligibility and approval of your projects each quarter, enhancing your revenue opportunities. For more insight into the rewards structure, please reach out to our team.
How are cash incentives claimed and paid out?
Following the approval of your projects within each quarter, rewards are accumulated and paid out within 45 days after the quarter ends.
Is there a limit to how many projects can be submitted each quarter?
Submit as many eligible projects as you can each quarter—there's no cap on the number of projects you can enter into the program.
How can the status of submitted projects be tracked?
Your partner portal includes a dashboard feature that allows you to track the real-time status of all submitted projects.
What support is offered to new participants in the program?
New participants will benefit from full onboarding support, including availability of our AWS experts to assist you in deploying your customer's projects on AWS.
Are there any geographical restrictions on participation?
While the program is widely accessible, some aspects and rewards may vary by region. We advise consulting with your Partner Manager for details specific to your location.
How will program participation impact existing customer relations?
The program is designed to enhance your service offerings, which may help solidify and grow your existing customer relationships. Our AWS experts are available to offer support as well as knowledge about AWS services best suited for your customers.
What are the criteria for project approval and rewards eligibility?
Projects are assessed based on AWS deployment, adherence to AWS practices, and projected service consumption. For more details, please reach out to our team.
How does the program protect the confidentiality of client data?
We are committed to the utmost data privacy, ensuring that all client information is treated with strict confidentiality and used solely for program-related purposes.
How are rewards calculated for approved projects?
Rewards are calculated based on the scale and scope of each approved project within the quarter. For more details, please reach out to our team.

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